About the Conference

Now a day the academia and researchers are not only pondering, but experiencing the overwhelming outcomes of interdisciplinary researches. Moreover, it has been ubiquitously encouraged by the governments, research agencies and by the academic institutions. The intent behind the multi disciplinary international conference is to provide a common platform, where academia, delegates from industry and nominees from various government agencies can sit together, and cherish about achievements so far, as well as deliberate upon futuristic approaches along with major bottlenecks.

The major objective of this conference was to bring together researchers, developers, and practitioners from academia and industry working in the area of advanced Engineering, Technology, Management, Applied Sciences and Advanced Computing. The conference covered a wide range of issues related to the Engineering, Technology, Applied Science and Management Problems. The Conference is being organized specifically to help the Computer Industry derive benefits from the advances of next-generation computer and computing technologies.

This International conference is thus an attempt to find new, interesting facts and dimensions and the leadership required to establish in the Engineering, Science, Technology and Management Problems and how it is interlinked to the current environment. Thus, academicians, practitioners, research scholars and students have been invited to submit their research papers. We invite academicians, practitioners, research scholars and students to submit research papers. Some indicative areas related to in Engineering, Technology and Management Problems are given below, though submissions are welcome on any other topics aligned with the broad themes of the conference.